Supercharge your career with the right start.

Work on high-impact projects with smart teams
to unlock your full potential.

Why Appointy?

Learn quick. Grow fast. Lead early.
Work with the Googles and Facebooks of the world, and get a chance to lead your own teams even before you turn 25!

Work with the founders

Get a first-hand experience of how startups are run, understand how visionaries think differently and learn from their diverse experiences.

Leave your mark in the world

Do significant work and tackle real-world challenges from Day 1. You will work on a product used by thousands of people around the world every day.

An End-to-end learning experience

Break departmental borders to become a well-rounded individual. Create a strong foundation to achieve any goals you might have in life.
Hariom Sharma

Hariom Sharma

Engineering Design Lead

Unlucky with work trips. Holds the record for most Visa rejections!

Hariom aces at two things - hogging on ‘dal rice’ and creating fast, modern, and beautiful user interfaces for our products. While he might fail at running even a mile, he is excellent in helping us keep pace with the latest technological developments and enhancing our front-end architecture.

What work do you enjoy?

We believe that people work best when they enjoy what they do
Work on challenging, real-world problems in technology every day. Build scalable products used by thousands of people globally with a smart and curious team.
Deliver the insights used to steer our products in the right direction. Whether it’s deciding who to sell or for how much, the Product team oversees all strategies and communication.
From advanced business analytics, to telling stories that move people, be responsible for connecting our products with users across the world. (PS: You might need to chant this all day: The customer is the boss!)
Enterprise Sales
Folks from this team are the suit-wearing, world-traveling, and board-meeting-acing aficionados. Join these problem-solvers and smooth talkers to sell Appointy to enterprises globally.
Customer Success
Customer Success
Be the customer’s champion! Provide top-notch assistance to everyone who uses Appointy by tackling setup issues, recording feedback and transforming businesses every day.
People Ops
People Operations
Keep Appointy happy, growing, and proud! An extrovert and energetic lot - this team is dedicated to finding and growing people who are passionate about working and fit our unique culture.

Culture and Values

Our cultural values define the attitude that we value the most in our team. The more you connect with these values, the more likely you’ll love working with us.
We are One TeamCollaboration not competition
When people compete, there’s a single winner, but when they collaborate to work towards a single goal, everyone wins.
Be a LeaderDon't just follow
We believe in giving responsibility and letting people design processes, take ownership, and get things done independently - working as a mini-CEO!
Learn from the expertsNever settle
Why re-invent the wheel? We believe in learning from other great minds and building upon their breakthroughs to make the most of our ideas

Team Blog

A scoop of the day-to-day life at Appointy. Read about the experiences, stories, and learnings from our team itself


Don't take our word for it! Find out what our interns/employees have to say about working at Appointy.
Sarthak Chincholikar, IIT Indore
Intern, Marketing
One of the most important things that I will take from here is learning how to learn. Amazing work culture and vibrant atmosphere. One of the best things was that the work I did had a substantial impact, which boosted my self-confidence as well. All in all, being a part of the Appointy team was a memorable experience.
Dev Kalra, IIT Indore
Intern, Product Engineering
At Appointy, I started from literally nothing and was still able to build something which I couldn't even think of 2 months back. I worked in various departments: Back-end, Front-end, and even got to try my hand at blog writing and product integration. This helped me broaden my perspective and explore more about my career options, strengths, and weaknesses.
Ruchi Jain, LNCT Bhopal
Intern, Customer Success
I always heard that failure was a stepping stone to success. It was only at Appointy where I learned through experiences. Every day at Appointy I learned something new, exciting and different. Today, I am a more knowledgeable person than when I first came through the doors.
Frequently asked questions

One common experience that our ex-interns keep telling us is that most of their job interviews end up being about their Appointy internships. A lot of them are now working with some of the biggest players in both tech and non-tech profiles and attribute getting their foot in the door to the things they learned while interning with us.

Working as an intern gives you the opportunity to work hands-on in a challenging professional environment. When you interview for any company, you can leverage your work experience at Appointy to stand apart from the other candidates and have some interesting points to talk about in the interview.

Internships provide you with the building blocks you need for your future. It is important that you choose your internships based on your interests and career prospects.

Keep in mind, college committees often use internships as a tool to test out whether you are actually interested in the field of studies that you are applying for and relevant internships tell that you are.

Working at Appointy, you’ll be amidst the thick of everything. You can work on independent projects, lead small teams of your own and take ownership to drive them to success - effectively working as a mini-CEO.

This kind of experience early in life can help you gain the skills and confidence to build your own business one day.

Got more questions about Appointy? Write to us at and we’ll get in touch!